Where to Eat in San Pancho

Where to Eat in San Pancho

For such a small town, San Pancho is quite diverse, culinarily speaking. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll find something to satisfy your taste buds.


La Perla

Price: $$ - $$$
In front of the beach (view location)
Seafood - Snacks - Bar

La Perla is a traditional Mexican beach restaurant. Here, you can eat fresh seafood, enchiladas, hamburgers, and Mexican snacks, like guacamole. They also offer full bar service and have tables and umbrellas right in the sand, so you don’t have to stray too far from the beach to grab a bite to eat.

Las Palmas

Price: $$ - $$$
Frente a la playa (view location)
Seafood - Snacks - Bar

Located right in front of the beach Las Palmas offers a similar menu to its neighbor, La Perla: fish prepared either fried or grilled, seafood, guacamole and other Mexican snacks. Las Palmas also has tables and umbrellas in the sand. Together with La perla, this is the ideal place to spend a day on the beach.


Price: $$ - $$$
Av. Tercer Mundo right before the corner of Calle México (view location)
Seafood - Ceviche - Tostadas

Barracuda is one of the most popular places to eat in San pancho. Well known for their fish tacos, their lunch menu also offers light options such as ceviche, tostadas, and burritos, all with different types of seafood, like marlin, shrimp, and red snapper. At night, the dinner menu changes to more elaborate plates, such as tuna sashimi, alfredo pasta with shrimp, etc. The bar offers unique and classic cocktails, as well as a wide selection of mezcal.

Ikan Cocina Marina

Price: $$ - $$$
America Latina 3 (view location)
Seafood - Tacos - Gourmet

Ikan was opened by a San Pancho native, internationally trained chef. He brings gourmet seafood to San Pancho at his corner location. Plates are served as a work of art, and are just as delicious as they are beautiful.


La Chalupa

Price: $ - $$
Calle México, roughly 20 meters (65 ft.) from Av. Tercer Mundo (view location)
Mexican - Fish - Seafood

La Chalupa is one of the most established restaurants in San Pancho. The menu is nothing but local fare. Plates for any time of day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are created based on fresh seafood, fish, and traditional Mexican recipes. They also have a ‘menu of the day’ that consists of an appetizer, entree, and a drink.

El Gallo

Price: $ - $$
Av. Tercer Mundo between Calle El Salvador and Calle Celian (view location)
Traditional Mexican - Bar

El Gallo brings something unique to San Pancho: dishes prepared in a traditional manner, like tortillas made from blue corn that has been prepared using a process called "nixtamal." El Gallo serves a range of fare from quesadillas, gorditas, tlacoyos, chilaquiles, to many other traditional recipes. The space is located in a beautiful outdoor garden protected by the shade of a parota tree. At night, you can return to enjoy live music and a full bar.


Price: $$ - $$$
Av. Tercer Mundo between Calle Asia and Calle América Latina (view location)
Mexican - International

María’s is a San Pancho classic. The menu is quite diverse, offering traditional Mexican plates and some American favorites. At María’s, you can start the day with chilaquiles (a traditional Mexican breakfast), pancakes, or waffles. For lunch, they have sandwiches, burgers, and salads. At night, they offer more sophisticated plates of seafood, beef, and chicken.


Los Arbolitos

Price: $
Calle América Latina at Calle Chile (view location)
Tacos - Quesadillas

Los Arbolitos is a favorite among both locals and tourists. Their appeal is a reasonably priced menu that includes quesadillas, tacos, tostadas (volcanes), and an open taco (pellizcada), all prepared with handmade tortillas. What sets Los Arbolitos apart is the table of toppings that are up for grabs with salsas, veggies, and beans for you to “make your own” taco.

Tacos Yeyo

Price: $
Calle Asia by Parque de la Hermandad (view location)

Tacos Yeyo es un tradicional puesto de tacos que se encuentra junto al Parque de la Hermandad, ofrece deliciosas opciones de tacos como: suadero, asada, adobada y otros favoritos mexicanos. Aquí lo más probable es que encuentres una multitud de lugareños y algún que otro turista.

Tacos El Pocas

Price: $
Av. Tercer Mundo #38 (view location)

The El Pocas taqueria offers the famous "al pastor" tacos, a Mexican specialty recognized worldwide. It also has a variety of meat tacos and some vegetable stew options.


El Punto Pizza

Price: $$
Av. Tercer Mundo #29 (view location)
Pizza - Sandwiches - Calzone

If what you are looking for is to eat a real Italian pizza El Punto Pizza is the place. Its owners, an Italian couple, bring the pizza tradition to San Pancho with seasoning and joy. Here you can enjoy whole pizzas or by the slice, with a wide variety of options. They also have calzone and meat and vegetarian sandwiches.

Dolce Amore

Price: $$ - $$$
The corner of Av. Tercer Mundo and Calle América Latina (view location)
Pasta - Salads

Dolce Amore is an Italian restaurant that specializes in pastas, lasagna, and salads. The plates are served with big helpings, so you may want to share! They also serve gelato in a wide variety of flavors.

La Toscana

Price: $$ - $$$
Av. Tercer Mundo between Calle Asia and Calle América Latina (view location)
Italian - Pizza - Pasta

La Toscana offers lunch and dinner. Their menu primarily consists of bruschetta, ravioli, and pizza.

Trattoria Toscana San Pancho

Price: $$ - $$$
Av. Tercer Mundo 5 (view location)

Trattoria Toscana is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu offers lots of options from pizza, pasta and meats, as well as other italian specialties.


Café Floresta

Price: $$$ - $$$$
Pakistan #10 (view location)
Fusión - Café

In its pleasant dining room with spectacular views, Café Floresta offers more than its name suggests. In addition to coffee and drinks, they serve breakfast and dinner. Their breakfast menu is a mix of Mexican cuisine and more international options such as chilaquiles, sandwiches, poached eggs, French bread, etc., all with a distinctive touch. For dinner, the dishes become more complex and gourmet, with options such as shrimp, birria and fish.


Price: $$$ - $$$$
Av. Tercer Mundo #47 (view location)
Seafood - Meats - Vegetarian

Limbo specializes in Mexican food with a gourment touch. All of their plates are created with lots of attention to detail and presentation. Although on the expensive side the experience is well worth it.

Yum Yum

Price: $$
Asia #17 entre calle Egipto y calle Chile (view location)
Fusión - Vegano

Yum Yum es una opción 100% vegana para desayunar y almorzar. Su menú no es extenso, pero lo compensa con platillos frescos y llenos de sabor. Para el desayuno ofrece pan tostado, molletes, chilaquiles, hot cakes y omelet y para el almuerzo bowls, ensalada, falafel y burritos entre otros, todo hecho en casa desde cero utilizando productos locales.

Bistró Orgánico

Price: $$$ - $$$$
Calle Asia no. 6, between Av. Tercer Mundo and Calle Chile (view location)
American - International - Organic

Bistro Orgánico, the restaurant within Hotel Cielo Rojo, offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared from organically sourced products from the region. Their ambition is to provide healthy plates prepared in a gourmet fashion. They also have artisanal tequilas, national wines, and tasting menus.


Price: $$ - $$$
Av. Tercer Mundo between Asia and America Latina(view location)
Vegetariano - Vegano - Tacos - Platillos

Yasmina’s ofrece platos preparados con una fusión mexicana / asiática. La comida es sabrosa y cuidadosamente preparada con ingredientes de calidad. Esta es una gran opción para vegetarianos y veganos aunque ofrece también opciones con mariscos y pescado.


La Ola Rica

Price: $$$ - $$$$
Av. Tercer Mundo at Calle México (view location)
Grill - American - International

La Ola Rica has been open and running in San Pancho for more than 21 years. It is well-known for the high-quality service and consistent experience. The menu is varied, much like that of an American grill. They offer plates of ribs, fish, shrimp, and even pizza.


Price: $$ - $$$
Av. Tercer Mundo at Calle México (view location)

The specialty at Zenizas is barbecue ribs. The menu primarily consists of barbecued fish and meat, but they also offer Mexican food as well.

Food Trucks


Price: $$
The corner of Calle India and Calle América Latina (view location)
Hot dogs - Burgers

This outdoor space houses Grilldogs food truck. Here you’ll find German-style hot dogs and hamburgers, both of which can be made vegetarian by subbing in portobello.

Cafes and Bakeries

Dough Joe

Price: $$
Av. Tercer Mundo #22 (view location)
Coffee - Donuts - Breakfast

At Dough Joe the specialty is a wide variety of delicious donuts made fresh daily. They also offer "American dinner" style breakfast with pancakes, sandwiches and eggs. All menu items are made with high-quality, natural ingredients. Wash it all down with a delicious brewed coffee or homemade chai.

Café Paraíso

Price: $$
Av. Tercer Mundo 35 (view location)
Coffee - Baked goods

Cafe and bakery Café Paraíso is a great place to sit down for an afternoon coffee, banana bread, brownie, and more.


Price: $-$$
Av. Tercer Mundo close to Calle Ceilan (view location)
Cacao - Drinks - Sweets

Mexicolate is a novelty in San Pancho and in the surrounding area. This unique shop sells cacao products and delightful chocolate treats. They even make cosmetic products! Here, you can learn about how cacao is harvested and becomes the chocolate treats you love to indulge in. Note: Mexiocolate is dedicated to cacao — a medicinal and native plant to Mexico. Cacao is naturally bitter, and the chocolate you are most likely used to eating has added sugar and milk to take out the bitterness. Mexicolate focuses on enhancing the flavor of cacao, while keeping with its essence and medicinal properties.


Price: $$
Av. Tercer Mundo #31 (view location)
Cocoa - Drinks - Sweets

Pal'Cora is a second proposal from the already renowned Mexicolate. Here you can find cocoa products, sweets, smoothies and other delicacies.


Price: $$
Av. Tercer Mundo #28 (view location)
Vegan Ice Cream

Chichilí offers a wide variety of vegan ice creams as well as other sweet delights.

Chido greens

Price: $$
Av. Tercer Mundo #36 (view location)
Salads - Deli

Chido Greens is an option for those looking for a healthy and light breakfast or lunch. Their specialty is salads, smoothies and juices. You can also find sandwiches and preparations with sourdough bread.